Bridging the non-resident (our unsung heroes) & residents Bangladeshis as the NRB community glorifying our country worldwide with their enduring hard work & brilliance.

Hon’ble Minister for Information Mr. Hasan Mahmud M.P. in the Launching & Get-together party of NRB Club Ltd.

Welcome to NRB Club

Non-Resident Bangladeshis (NRB) from all over the world came along with Bangladeshis to form a club in order to defend and advance the NRB rights and their interests in Bangladesh. This venture was approved for registration under the company act of 1994 under the named banner “NRB CLUB LIMITED” by the government of Bangladesh. 

On October 18, 2015, a registration certificate with reference number C-126325/2015 was issued against this club & a simple inaugural ceremony was held in Gulshan club, Dhaka wherein Hon’ble Minister for Information Mr. Hasan Mahmud M.P. was the Chief Guest. 

NRB Club is now operating from it’s bases at Banani, Dhaka. Due to prolonged COVID sequel; the NRB movement was in hibernation. We now have reinforced our activities & would like to outline a comprehensive overview about the NRB Club Ltd. 

NRB as an institution has gained an enormous amount of popularity & have been classified as one of the peak service providers, recent times NRB community movement had been flourishing throughout the globe in accomplishing its ambition. We as an institute focus on certain exciting & dynamic factor to make life of NRB communities incredible livable & enviable. NRB focus on devolving the analytical skills & ability of NRBs to enable them to fuel our economy further & to face the challenges of 21st century. 

We also aim to facilitate NRBs in every aspect to streamline their ambition to empower them to represent themselves as resected NRB communities & the proud citizen in the country being the son of this soil.


The large percentage of Bangladesh’s foreign currency earnings come from the Non-Resident Bangladeshis. Every year, NRBs send billions of dollars, but their welfare and rights are frequently disregarded. 

This cannot be a healthy scenario in a country that is largely reliant on NRB remittance. Unfortunately, a lack of awareness of NRB issues at the policy level frequently leads to resentment and dissatisfaction among NRBs. 

When they travel for vacation, NRBs are frequently neglected or mistreated at airports; and are occasionally exploited by various groups of people. A good number of NRBs are interested in making investments and develop their businesses in Bangladesh, yet they frequently get frustrated by bureaucratic “Red-tap” or unfair treatment by both governmental and non-governmental organizations in Bangladesh. 

The NRB Club was established in Dhaka, Bangladesh, to assist NRBs in overcoming these kinds of challenges. Unlike other clubs that already exists in Dhaka,

 NRB Club is unique and has a well planned framework. NRB Club has a working protocol that practically helps our Remittance fighters. Aside from providing practical advice and support to NRBs, this club will serve as a ONE-STOP support center for NRBs. The NRB Club will establish a mechanism that makes things easier for NRBs to invest in Bangladesh. This club will always take a stand to ensure the safety, rights and wellbeing of NRBs in Bangladesh.


Orientation meeting of NRB Club Ltd (June 3rd, 2022)


Bridging the non-resident (our unsung heroes) & residents Bangladeshis as the NRB community glorifying our country  worldwide with their enduring hard work & brilliance. By bringing together NRB’s communities from all over the world to explore the untapped opportunities in Bangladesh. Moreover, the strong human energy of NRB’s ensures the regular flow of remittance, making the Bangladesh economically more stable & stronger than ever. Now is the time to pay tribute to one of the strongest driving force, our pride- the NRB’s. 

NRB  Club aims to be the bridge between Bangladesh and the global market. NRB Club will offer it’s members a one stop service while they are visiting or doing business in Bangladesh NRB club shall provide best services such as Business Networking, Information Technology, Investment Opportunity Medical support & Hospitality for Healthy Home stays living Airport pickup & drop, in house booth for trade in Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) & facilitate NRB investors to unlock the unlimited business potentials of Bangladesh locally & globally. 

 We are about to give something very exciting & want to make it fun, relaxing and effortless to discover Bangladesh that will help all the NRB’s particularly when they visit Bangladesh. So, why don’t you tell us some of the difficulties you have faced while you visited or tried to do business in Bangladesh and how we can help resolve these matters through services from the NRB Club. 

Thank You,




FB page: Shahzada A Hamid/Shahzada Hamid

Photo glimpse of Cultural evening of NRB Club Ltd., June 14th 2022


Coordination Meeting to help the flood effected people in Sylhet held at NRB Club in presence of the Chief Guest Mr. K.M. Khaled, State Minister, GoB. Keynote speaker DG- Relief & Disaster management & former secretary, Ministry of Industry, GoB . Mr. Dutta former member Planning Commission was the guest of honor at this August gathering.

Mr. Shahzada Hamid, President of NRB Club presented the program details

(Volunteers & Medical team seen in action)

NRB Club Ltd., distributed relief goods & sent a medical team consisting of doctors & volunteers directly to the flood effected areas of Sylhet & Sunamganj

NRB Club Ltd., observed Bangabandhu's anniversary of Martyrdom in a somber mood. Mr. Saad Hamid, President, NRB Club & Mr. Nurul Islam Mollah General Secretary, Banani Society as a Chief guest spoke about contribution of Father of the Nation, programme followed by Milad & Dua.


NRB CLUB organise Dua & Milad for the martyred soul of Bangabandhu at his 47th martyrdom anniversary on 15th August 2022

Web site launching Ceremony of NRB CLUB,8th September 2022

Hon'ble Member of Parliament Mr. AKM Rahmatullah M.P. was as the Chief Guest at the Official website launching ceremony of NRB CLUB LTD

Hon'ble guests & members having a delightful evening chat & gossip among themselves

Hon'ble guests having Dinner after enjoying the Musical evening on the occasion

Yoga Course will be conducted by
Ms Habiba Hasan(shikha)

Internationally recognized YOGA teacher
and registered by YOGA Alliance USA (CYA international)
Corporate Yoga Teacher- Dhaka Cantonment Ladies Club at Dhaka Cantonment
Corporate Yoga Teacher at Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited
Corporate Yoga Teacher at British Council,Dhaka
Highly qualified instructor and Yoga Trainer.
She has been trained and CERTIFIED from Swami Vivekananda Yoga
Anusandhana Samasthana. S-VYASA Yoga University. Bangalore INDIA
CERTIFIED from Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samasthana
SVYASA Yoga University,Bangalore INDIA
Also Certified from @ Indira Gandhi Cultural Centre (IGCC

NRB designed  courses, classes, workshops, and training programs to facilitate the environment in our YOGA Center in Banani, Dhaka.  Stress, distraction, and disconnection are often the norm in our modern world. When you’re awakened and tapped into your true self, soul purpose, and inner happiness, you are not affected by the circumstances around you.

“NRB CLUB LTD” emphasizes personal growth and empowerment and believes in transforming mental and physical well-being for everyone.  To enlighten the experiences we have introduced YOGA, Where our members will find themselves deeper and intellectual in the form of science, art, and philosophy. Our intention in this endeavor is to build a community based on the most spiritual beliefs in order to experience a constant enjoyment of mind, body, and soul.

An evening with our vice president Mr Munir Chowdhury on his birthday party at our NRB Club Ltd.

Turkish Doner treat at club with Yoga & Germany vs Japan FWC 2022 along with admittance of new members

Mr. President in congratulatory meeting with newly admitted members

10 December Yoga session at NRB Club Ltd.,

18 December FIFA World Cup 2022 Grand Finale watching Party

30 December International Expat Day Celebration 2022





Cultural evening  at NRB Club 

Orientation at NRB Club 

Father of the Nation Bangabandhu’s Martyrdom Milad & Dua mahfil at NRB Club Ltd


Permanent Membership

Tk. 200,000.00

[early bird membership for first 50 Permanent Membership Tk.100,000.00]

Associate Membership

Tk. 100,000.00

[early bird membership for first 50 Associate Membership Tk.50,000.00]


Corporate Membership

Tk. 20,00,000.00

[early bird membership]

Donor Membership

Tk. 10,00,000.00

[early bird membership]

Lifetime Membership

Tk. 10,00,000.00

[early bird membership]



Road # 8, House # 15/A
Floor # 6, Block-F, Banani
Dhaka 1213, Bangladesh.


Tel: 02222270809




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